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Elevate Your Career Academy

You are ready for something different.

It is exhausting to show up at your job every day, knowing your season in your position is past its expiration date. You’ve written your resignation letter a million times in your your head. You might even have it printed and ready to hand in, or saved as a draft in Gmail.

The problem is, you need a plan for what comes next before you wave goodbye to your current position.

Sure, the company you work for is cool, and the people are cool, too. But the work. The wooooork.

The work you do is no longer aligned with your gifts, your goals, what you want for yourself, or the way you are called to serve the world.

You wake up every morning and pray and listen for direction because you know God is calling you to make a move. You’re just not sure what step to take next. You spend the day at work procrastinating on most of your tasks, or forcing yourself to do them. You get your work done, but it’s starting to drain you more and more.

You go back and forth inside your own mind about leaving or staying. And you go to bed tired from going back forth in your mind, still listening and waiting for an answer, hoping your next step will become clear.

If this where you are in your career, Elevate Your Career Academy is for you.

But why now?

Something in you shifted. Sure, you are grateful for the job and the opportunities it has given you to this point.

You’ve been able to
  • Develop relationships within your company and industry
  • Stretch your skills
  • Manage teams and projects
  • Learn new systems and processes
  • Get promoted and earn more
  • Grow your professional brand and get opportunities outside of work to lead and serve

But you been called out for more. You are tired of playing small and knowing it. 

You’re in that place where you’re realizing that you’ve only stayed this long because you were playing it safe. You know the job market can be touch and go, so why would you leave a steady, great paying position? At least that’s what your family and friends have asked you. They’re really concerned for your security…and to be honest, so are you.

But there is this tension in your heart now because you know you are called to more. The light switch has been turned on and you can see clearly how you no longer fit in your current position.

God has confirmed it for you over and over again in the past few months, and you know it is time to step into that more:

More alignment with your skills and gifts. More development and growth opportunities. More fulfillment and connection to the work. More income. More connection to your purpose.

If you are tired of playing small and living below where you know God has called you to be…

It’s time to elevate.

elevate (a verb): raise or lift (you) up to a higher position.

Basically, we’re leveling up your career.

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The Elevate Your Career workshop series is an 8-week experience that will help you

  1. Speak your career vision and make it plain, both short-term and long-term
  2. Tell your career story. You can’t know where you are going unless you know where you’ve been.
  3. Mine your career gold and own it. No more playing small about what makes you, you!
  4. Talk your talk to your network. Knowing how to talk about what you want is a big part of career progress.
  5. Remix your resume and LinkedIn profile. You have to put your best self forward, on paper and digitally.
  6. Build a community of women who get you and support your ambition.

Here is everything you’ll get in Elevate Your Career:

Live weekly workshops where I will teach you 6 levers you need to pull to make your career move.

Group coaching sessions where you will be coached by me through the gap between your fear and your faith, and how to press forward and take faith-rooted action.

Q&A sessions so I can answer your questions live as we develop and work through your plan.

A private online community where you connect daily with me and other members of EYCA.

Templates, worksheets, and personalized feedback on your strategy, resume, and plans.

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I’m Tiffany F. Southerland

I help women get clear about their strengths and values so they can do work they love w/ clarity + confidence.

I started my career as an attorney, but realized when I finally “arrived” that I wanted something different. I spent several months going back and forth about what success meant to me and what it would mean to step away from the only career I’d even known or wanted. I went through rollercoasters of emotions – fear, anxiety, doubt, excitement, comparison, feeling like an imposter – you name it. I asked myself so many questions. Who am I to walk away from the security of this job? Who am I to want to be happy at work? Who am I to want to use my gifts and feel fulfilled in my career?

Eventually, I answered those questions, submitted my resignation before Christmas in 2013 and brought in the new year with a new career.

I took steps toward a new career direction and took stock in my journey and process along the way. Now, my goal is to help women who feel stuck in their careers learn how to get clear about their goals and communicate their strengths, so they can feel more confident and aligned with their faith, gifts, and purpose.

Elevate Your Career Academy IS for you if…

  • You just had your own lightbulb moment
  • You are beginning to realize and accept that you don’t have to stay where you are not fulfilled or developing
  • You know your career does not validate or define you
  • You are still looking for and praying for confidence, clarity, and direction around your next
  • You are tired of not using your gifts and moving in the direction you know you are called to

Elevate Your Career Academy is NOT for you if

  • You are looking for a quick fix to your career
  • You only want resume and cover letter feedback
  • You don’t want to make time for you
  • You think being fulfilled in your career is unrealistic

5 Ways To Intentionally Grow Your Career

Learn how to get better opportunities at work!


Tiffany is thorough, focused, faithful and a determined listener. She approaches one-on-one and group coaching with a purposeful intention to help others get clear about their God-given gifts and abilities. More importantly, the cohort assignments, scriptures, DISC assessment, discussions and vision work challenged participants to look beyond the traditional package for greater discovery. 

EYCA and Four Corners Coaching is an essential partnership for well-being, which I liken to a physician, dentist, therapist and personal trainer. The partnership with Tiffany is an ongoing relationship. She will listen to help you get to where you need to be with a God-led laser focus. She will ask important questions thoughtfully and without judgement.

R. Vann

5 Ways To Intentionally Grow Your Career

Learn how to get better opportunities at work!


I hired Tiffany as my coach to help me navigate through a career shift. She taught me how to appreciate my victories, celebrate my strengths, and get clear about my goals as I prepared to further my education. I truly valued her views and analysis of problems I was dealing with. She is a natural, and her advice/guidance has led me towards reaching my own personal goals.


5 Ways To Intentionally Grow Your Career

Learn how to get better opportunities at work!


Tiffany’s direct and encouraging coaching style has been an integral part of my overall development. She helped me discover where my personal passions and interest can intersect with professional pursuits. We were then able to articulate a career vision, identify opportunities aligned with that vision, and develop strategies to pursue and secure employment and education opportunities to support my career advancement.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who is Elevate Your Career Academy for?  Elevate Your Career Academy is for high-achieving women who are ready to stop surviving and want to own. Each of the principles focuses on three key areas: your story, your faith, and your impact. During the program, you will get clear about where you have been, personally and professionally; grow confidence rooted in faith; and develop a strategic and actionable plan toward fulfilling your purpose.
  2. Who is EYCA not for? The Mastermind is not you if: you are not ready to see change happen in your life; you don’t like to be held accountable or support others as they pursue their goals; you are not ready to invest in yourself and your future.
  3. What if I am between jobs or want to make a career transition? EYCA will help you hone in on the skills you have gained from your life and career, and help you develop the language to translate and transfer those skills during your job search.
  4. When does the program start? EYCA starts on March, 17, 2019! Each workshop will be recorded and available for you to view, but we hope you can join us live each time!
  5. When will the live workshops be held? Live workshops will take place on Sunday evenings and some Thursday evenings.
  6. Are there payment plans available? Yes! You can pay in full or in monthly recurring payments.
  7. What is your cancellation policy? If you have not seen any growth, change, or progress towards your goal after your first 2 weeks in the EYCA, you are more than welcome to request to leave the group.